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Interruption Management

Monday, June 29, 2020

Beware of Self-Induced Distractions - Interruption Management

Years ago, Johns Hopkins University researchers concluded that using a cellphone -- even with a hands-free device -- will distract drivers because the brain cannot easily handle both tasks. The brain directs its resources to either visual input or auditory input, but cannot fully activate both at the same time. Despite these findings, people are multitasking WHILE they drive.

"Our research helps explain why talking on a cell phone can impair driving performance, even when the driver is using a hands-free device," said research leader Steven Yantis, Ph.D.

"Directing attention to listening effectively 'turns down the volume' on input to the visual parts of the brain," he noted. "When attention is deployed to one modality -- say, in this case, talking on a cell phone -- it necessarily extracts a cost on another modality -- in this case, the visual task of driving.”

How, exactly, can MORE people today be multitasking WHILE they drive? This is madness, pure and simple. Do you want to be on the road when such people are driving by? Do you want your children to be?

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