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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Are You Distracted by Endless TV Ads? - Interruption Management

Here’s a telling report from on How Much TV Commercial Length has Grown over the Years:

“We all accept commercials as a necessary evil because they pay for the shows we love to watch. But, how much is reasonable to accept? This question was answered for me while watching a 2004 episode of Star Trek Enterprise. The commercials came so often and lasted so long that is was almost impossible to maintain a sense of continuity with the show.

...Thanks to the availability of video recordings of past shows, this was easy to determine. Scouring my video library I found shows ranging from 1964 to 2004. Here's what I discovered:

* 1964 - 17.8 percent of the time devoted to commercials
* 1977 - 17.8 percent
* 1994 - 24.5 percent
* 2004 - 30.0 percent
* 2018 - 32.0 percent

These were all for main line shows aired during prime time hours.

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