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Interruption Management

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The High Cost of Procastination - Interruption Management

An article “Man returns book overdue since 1960” features the high cost of procrastination! In 2007, Robert Nuranen of Hancock, Michigan turned in a book that he had borrowed for a ninth-grade assignment. Mr. Nuranen claimed that his mother misplaced the copy of Prince of Egypt while cleaning the house. Every now and then the family came across it, only to set it aside again. He found the book again around New Year’s day while going through a box in the attic, presuming looking for something else.

"I figured I'd better get it in before we waited another 10 years," he reported with a $171.32 check, equal to 47 years' worth of late fees. Librarian Sue Zubiena said that the library had long ago lost any record of the book, but she said, "I'm going to use it as an example," she said. "It's never too late to return your books."

How many times did the thoughts of turning that book in cross his mind? How many interruptions did he engender?

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