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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Notes from "The Power of Focus" - Interruption Management

Notes from The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt

        People who are busy all the time will never get anywhere in life if they lack focus. For such a short word focus packs power.

        * Steam rising from a boiling pot is unfocused. Steam surging through a turbine engine will propel vehicles. Light from a flame is unfocused. Light from a laser beam is so highly focused that it will cut steel. 

        * The unfocused in business or career might do well but frequently wonder if they are living up to their potential. They promise themselves that someday, it will be different. They stay busy doing things that seem urgent, but as time passes they don’t seem to get far. They might have good products or services but haven’t found ways to turn them into integrated systems that can bring large contracts or bigger deals.

        * Focus on personal identity – in 25 words or less, who are you as a person without using your name, address, age, gender, education credentials, social status, position, religious affiliation or nationality. 

    What do you value most? 
    What one thing do you worry about most? 
    What one thing do you talk about most? 
    Which of your talents have you developed most fully and rely on most often?
    What challenges do you find most appealing? 
    What are you most proud of? 
    What would you like to have done differently? 
    What are the three keys to your personal identity?

     * Focus on professional purpose – in 12 words or less exactly what do you do? 

    What is your guiding or controlling area in life? 
    What is your strategy for implementing that idea? 
    How would your staff describe your professional purpose? 
    What are your three greatest strengths, and how are you capitalizing on them?

     * Focus on your career vision – are you a calculated risk taker? 

    How does what you do all day square with how you see yourself? 
    What is your most vital role? 
    What is your secondary role? 
    What role do you want to play? 
    What is your career mission? 
    How do you know when you are accomplishing it?

     * Focus on your market – what is your unique niche in the market place? 
    What do you do better than anybody else? 
    Who are your customers, and what do they need given that you do better than anyone else? 
    What is their perception of value? 
    And of you?

     * Focus on your products – as an insider to your market, how can you capitalize on what you do to leverage to your differential advantage the unique customer needs?
     * Once you achieve focus in the five key areas, amazing things happen. You can constantly redirect your time, energy, talent, expertise and money from areas of low yield to high yield. You can systematically develop your most productive strengths and compensate for your most costly weaknesses. 

    You can qualify the results that you expect, and measure your performance hourly, daily, weekly, and annually. You can identify obstacles or problems and effectively attack them. You can identify the most productive ideas and go after the greatest opportunities. You can communicate clearly and persuasively with people who can help you achieve your goals. You can approach nearly every opportunity with complete confidence. You have a whole lot more fun at everything that you do.

    When you are in focus, your life takes on new clarity. Your mind focuses your thoughts, feelings, and actions to form a clear picture of who you are and where you are going. When you are focused you go far.

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