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Interruption Management

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Disruption by Scores - Interruption Management

The NFL Red Zone Channel offers what it calls "showcasing" which means presenting all scoring or potential scoring moments of every active NFL game. This is exactly what stands don’t need!

Years ago, it was enough to see one game, and read about the rest in the sports page the next day. Then it was enough to have the "sports machine" with Washington DC's George Michael recap everything on Sunday night. Then it was enough to go to a sports bar and see a couple games on at the same time.

Now, expectations have gone through the roof. The ability to see every potential scoring opportunity as it’s occurring? -- I can only imagine what will happen to the health and well-being of the typical fan. After all, while they're watching others, it's not convenient to exercise, not to mention the level of disruption.

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