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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Memory, Interrupted - Interruption Management

Nearly 21 years ago Mens' Health reported on finding about trying to remember important events: "Memories aren't always carbon copies of events," said Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., author of The Myth of Repressed Memory. She has studied eyewitness accounts of everything from murder to revolution.

Actually, your mind is in a constant editing mode, changing the original memory so that it reflects newly acquired facts. "This is why one person's view of a particular incident may be quite different from someone else's, even if it happened just seconds ago," said Loftus.

To ensure you remember something exactly as it happened, Loftus suggested writing it down in detail immediately afterward. Then take the opportunity to review what really happened so the original memory doesn't fade or get distorted.

"Remember the last time you read a book? Remember how, five minutes after you put it down, you couldn't remember anything in it?: Try this:

* Get the big picture. Use the table of contents to map the book and quickly find what you want to read, especially easy with a mobile reader. Skim through the index and look for things you already know a little something about, and flip to the part of the book where they're discussed. Read the introduction or preface.

* Skip it. Feel perfectly comfortable skipping the parts that don't seem interesting. Your interest is dictated by what you need to know.

* Reduce the book or article to about six key terms. Visualize the key players and events, and analyze the relationships among them. Ask yourself questions about what's in the written work. In a novel, imagine yourself in the scene as one of the characters, dealing with the problems before him.

* Write it down. What you write down isn't as important as the act of writing. "You can throw notes away or never refer to them again and you'll still be much better off than if you didn't write them at all."

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