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Monday, April 30, 2012

Oxbridge Newsletter Directory - Interruption Management

I hadn't encountered the Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters in many years, so it was surprising to see how much it had grown. Now containing nearly 1400 pages and more than 5,000 listings, every kind of newsletter you can imagine is listed here.

Amazingly, more than 6,000 newsletters are cited that are available only in email or e-zine online type of format, in addition to more than 3,000 newsletters available only in print, and another 5,000+ available in both hard copy and online format. That alone makes this volume ultra useful.

Plus, you get detailed information such as the year the newsletter was established, how often it comes out, circulation, a description of the editorial content, who the publication is targeted to, and vital contact information. In truth, I can't think of a more comprehensive or authoritative source for identifying key newsletters. And with the index, you can look them up by state, by title, and by other criteria.

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