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Interruption Management

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Manage Info with Helpers - Interruption Management

When you have good help on board, your ability to manage information increases. For example Christie Ray Harrison who has helped me in various capacities is a conscientious worker who gets the job done. She reads instruction guides and tells me the handful of things I need to know, registers me for certain sites, handles inquiries, and keeps information organized. Among 100's of her peers who I have known, she is among the best of the best! Christie is a self-starter who stays focused on the task at hand, which free me to focus on speaking and writing. When I need to tackle a tough information-laden project, with Christie on my side, I have a lot going for me. With her broad-based education, determination, and grit, she is destined to be a leader in her field. So, look for the Christie's of the world and watch your ability to manage information and communication-related tasks grow.

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