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Interruption Management

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Science New Alerts - Interruption Management

DOE and other federal science agencies help public stay "alert" to the latest R&D results with Alert Service. The latest research results from the U.S. Department of Energy and 11 other Federal science agencies can be delivered to desktops through the new patron-customized Alert Service., the public's “go to” Web portal for federal science information, provides a free and convenient science Alert Service that will send alerts to patrons' desktops on their specified topics of interest. From the home page, patrons can set up an account, and then let do their searching for them.

Each Monday, up to 25 relevant results from selected science sources will be sent to the patron's email. The results are displayed in the email alert, as well as in each patron's personalized Alert Archive, which stores six weeks of alerts results. From this archive, past results can be reviewed and the Alert Profile can be edited.

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