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Interruption Management

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Manage Information with Helpers - Interruption Management

When you have good help on board, your ability to manage information increases. For example one young lady who has helped me in various capacities is a conscientious worker who gets the job done. She reads instruction guides and tells me the handful of things I need to know, registers me for certain sites, handles inquiries, and keeps information organized.

Among 100's of her peers who I have known, she is among the best of the best! She is a self-starter who stays focused on the task at hand, which frees me to focus on speaking and writing. When I need to tackle a tough information-laden project, with my helper on my side, I have a lot going for me. With her broad-based education, determination, and grit, she is destined to be a leader in her field. So, look for the greater helpers of the world of the world and watch your ability to manage information and communication-related tasks grow.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Junk Mail Likely to Never Die - Interruption Management

Louise Story, writing in the New York Times 12 years ago, shed light on why in the age of the Internet and email, junk mail is proliferating:

“United States Postal Service says marketers sent more than 114 billion pieces of direct mail, increase of about 15 percent from five years ago; volume of bulk mail, which is all direct mail, exceeded first class in last year; advertisers like it that mail ads, which do not get snagged in spam filters, can be aimed at just right customers and be monitored for effectiveness; those traits are increasingly important to companies as they target American public into finer and finer categories; some advertising executives comments.”

And it's still happening!

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Disruption Likely: A Hacked Password - Interruption Management

Using any popular passwords is highly risky. A hacked password equals no breathing space. Instead make up something more complex, with random letters and numbers, such as ij6ko40d1. Or use an acronym and numbers known only to you, such a mwdSin12 ("my wonderful dog Skippy is now 12").

These are a hackers delight:
      1. 123456
      2. password
      3. 12345
      4. 12345678
      5. qwerty

      6. 123456789
      7. 1234
      8. baseball
      9. dragon
    10. football

    11. 1234567
    12. monkey
    13. letmein
    14. abc123
    15. 111111


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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Text in Class, Fail Later - Interruption Management

In a USA Today article: "As social media become nearly inescapable on college campuses, a pair of recently published studies supports what many professors already have concluded: Students using Facebook or text messaging during a lecture tend to do worse when quizzed later."

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Adopt a Habit that Works - Interruption Management

According to Michael Masterson, interviewed in Bottomline Secrets, one simple habit that leads to success, is to get up early! "Early to rise" he says is not an absolute mandate for success, but most successful people I know get to work before their colleagues."

"Getting to work early provides you with quiet time that can be profitably spent before the rest of the world starts working. Arriving early also sends a strong message to colleagues and bosses that you are on top of your game. Early birds are viewed as energetic, organized and ambitious. People who arrive late and leave late look as if they're not in control."

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Put an End to Multitasking - Interruption Management

Researchers at the Federal Aviation Administration and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor found that while doing multiple tasks at once might appear to be more efficient, it actually is more time consuming and in some cases poses health risks.

Four groups of young adults participated in four experiments. They were all asked to carry out a series of tasks and switch between different tasks, some complicated, such as solving a math problem, and others easier and more familiar, such as identifying a geometric shape. A participant's performance speed was measured as the tasks were carried out.

The findings: human capacity for multitasking decidely has its limits. Participants lost time in performance speed when switching tasks and they lost more time as the task became more complex.

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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Remain Informed, Avoid Overwhelm - Interruption Management

How can you stay informed without being overwhelmed?

* Choose to acquire knowledge  that supports or interests you, not what you simply happen to ingest, or think you have to ingest.

* Look for broad-based patterns and trends, as opposed to quickly disappearing fads and forgettable trivia.

* Learn to delegate some of your reading to your most junior staff. After only 15 minutes of instruction, and armed with a list of key words, they will be able to rather easily identify articles of interest to you.

* Prune your files regularly and ruthlessly. Constantly throw out what does not support you.

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