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Interruption Management

Monday, December 04, 2017

Temptations and Interruptions - Interruption Management

More than 50 million American workers may be fooling around on the jobs most of their day. They use company time to play on the computer, search for new jobs, and communicate with friends. Apparently  having too many information and communication sources at one’s fingertips is too great a temptation.

Safeguard your work environment so that you can be at your best more of the time.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A True Vacation? - Interruption Management

How often do Americans check email or voice mail while on vacation: one survery, Harris Interactive for Expedia, got these results: constantly 6%, regularly 28%, sometimes 34%, and never 32%.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Interruption-Free Bath Time - Interruption Management

Draw a hot bath. Use bubble bath, bath oils, or nothing at all, then close your eyes and relax. If you have to, lock the door and post a “disturb at your own risk” sign.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Packaging over the Top - Interruption Management

A New York Times story, years back, titled "Product Packages Now Shout to Get Your Attention" written by Louise Story, is most revealing about the direction of information overload in society:

"In the last 100 years, Pepsi had changed the look of its can, and before that its bottles, only 10 times. This year alone, the soft-drink maker will switch designs every few weeks. Kleenex boxes used to be square or rectangular, but no more. Kleenex, after 40 years of sticking with square and rectangular boxes, has started selling tissues in oval packages."

"Coors Light bottles now have labels that turn blue when the beer is chilled to the right temperature. And Huggies' Henry the Hippo hand soap bottles have a light that flashes for 20 seconds to show children how long they should wash their hands."

"Consumer goods companies, which once saw packages largely as containers for shipping their products, are now using them more as 3-D ads to grab shoppers' attention. The shift is mostly because of the rise of the Internet and hundreds of television channels, which mean marketers can no longer count on people seeing their commercials. ...So they are using their bottles, cans, boxes and plastic packs to improve sales by attracting the eyes of consumers, who often make most of their shopping decisions at the last minute while standing in front of store shelves. "

Does this mean ever-accelerating product packaging changes and accompanying bombardment? It appears so.

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Monday, November 06, 2017

The Red Tape Menace - Interruption Management

At 20 large U.S. banks, one year the cost of complying with U.S. laws and regulations grew far faster than profit growth.

Given this reality, each of us needs to build greater "administration" time and effort into our plans. Society inherently grows more complex and disrupts our productivity all the time. Our challenge is to harness that complexity and convert it to a competitive advantage.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Distracted by Minor Roles - Interruption Management

A leading man/woman takes leading roles:
       While climbing the corporate ladder, starting at the bottom might be good advice early in the game, but take on major responsibilities and plan major roles as soon as you can. The same thing occurs if you are building your own business, stop thinking that little parts will lead to a starring role.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mental Exercise is Vital - Interruption Management

Society views the mental stimulation provided by grade school necessary for the normal development of children. After high school, though, we view mental exercise differently. It's widely understood that to be successful in a material sense, some sort of further education – whether collegiate or trade-oriented – is necessary, but other kinds of mental stimulation are generally seen as optional and unnecessary.

Films, books, television, and music are all designed to be as entertaining as possible – not to be as educational or as conducive to personal growth as possible. These entertainments are created for passive consumption, and that's exactly how we experience them. We are couch potatoes, not only physically, but mentally.

Low Level Thinking
We do use our minds, to some degree, just to get through life everyday, but because much of that kind of thinking takes little effort, it doesn't qualify as exercise. There's a big difference between contemplating moral issues, art criticism, or scientific discoveries, and deciding which frozen dinner you want to heat up tonight.

For many adults,  job-related learning through continuing education or training is nearly the only mental exercise they get. The truth is, that many of us have languished mentally for too long and could use a little mental exercise.

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